World TrailO Championships Relay: wins for Czech Republic and Finland

Finland’s Pinja Mäkinen won her second gold medal in two days as a member of the victorious team in the Open class in the Relay competition held in challenging terrain in Portugal. Sami Hyvonen and Antti Rusanen combined with Pinja Mäkinen to produce an overwhelming victory with Spain taking the silver medal and Great Britain the bronze.

In the Para class it was the Czech Republic team of Hana Dolezalova, Pavel Dudik and Jana Kostova that came out on top, finishing with a comfortable lead over Ukraine. Third place went to the Russian team.

Detailed results can be seen on the event website

Leading results, Relay

Para class

  1. Czech Republic 650 points
  2. Ukraine 739
  3. Russia 827

Open class

  1. Finland 116
  2. Spain 205
  3. Great Britain 228