World Orienteering Day – Virtual Event

This week World Orienteering Day was supposed to be held all over the world. Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid-19) it was unfortunately cancelled.

In cooperation with Lockdown Orienteering the IOF and World Orienteering Day will organise a free virtual event this week between Wednesday 13th and Saturday 16th May.

5 Challenges and Games

  1. Street View Orienteering: have a go using this link. In the competition you’ll be racing round London!
  2. Laby – The Maze: you can have a go now using this link. For the competition we’ll set a special course for you to race round.
  3. Virtual Trail Orienteering
  4. Spot the difference: you get 2 maps which look the same but we made some small changes. Can you find them? We’ll use maps from all over the world!
  5. Catching Featuresa race in the computer game Catching Features! Where in the world will we go?

More information here: