World Cup SkiO : Long Distance wins for Estonia and Russia

Estonian Daisy Kudre is celebrating a great victory by 1:23 in a gruelling Long race today with the winning time more than 97 minutes. Vladislav Kiselev, Russia won the men’s race by 20 seconds, a race where 3 Norwegians and 3 Russians made up the top six.

This is 26-year-old Kudre’s first World Cup win in a long career in Ski Orienteering, and the longer the race, the better she was – at the arena passage, she was in 9th place and 4.26 down on the lead. Fastest to the arena passage was the Russian athlete Tatyana Oborina, who finished second, and next in the results list came Linda Lindkvist, Sweden, taking third place for the second day in succession.

Daisy Kudre, Estonia on her way to victory    Photos: Skogssport

For Vladislav Kiselev, IOF World Ranked number 4 and in his third year as a senior, this was also a first World Cup victory. Norway’s Audun Heimdal, born in the same year as Kiselev, came a close second at the end of the 27.6 km course with 365 m climbing, and Andrey Lamov, winner of the Sprint, was third, 1.03 down on the winning time.

Russian Vladislav Kiselev on course for a close win

The courses were long and hard and the race took place in air temperatures a little above zero.

Monday is a rest day, and competition resumes on Tuesday with the Middle Distance race with mass start.

Leading results – Long Distance


  1. Daisy Kudre EST 1:37:12
  2. Tatyana Oborina RUS 1:38:35
  3. Linda Lindkvist SWE 1:38:51
  4. Marjut Turunen FIN 1:39:37
  5. Magdalena Olsson SWE 1:39:41
  6. Salla Koskela FIN 1:39:56


  1. Vladislav Kiselev RUS 1:34:31
  2. Audun Heimdal NOR 1:34:51
  3. Andrey lamov RUS 1:35:34
  4. Lars Moholdt NOR 1:35:44
  5. Eduard Khrennikov RUS 1:36:32
  6. Jørgen Baklid NOR 1:36:48

Junior World SkiO Championships

Gold medals to Olesia Riazanova RUS (winning margin 1.29) and German Sazykin RUS (0.11)

European Youth SkiO Championships

Gold medals to Alina Niggli SUI (1.33) and Albin Gezelius SWE (1.19)