UNOFFICIAL 7th WOC in Catching Features – Starts now

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that orienteering in electronic forms can be very attractive. A sign of that was the popular TrailO Torus Advent calendar which attracted more than 1000 participants around the world. Now, it up for an unofficial WOC in Catching Features, in cooperation with WOC 2021 in Czech Republic. The selected virtual terrain is “embargo safe” but selected to be relevant for Czechia.

Here, Flavio Poltéra, member of the organising committee describes what’s it all about and how you participate and follow:

Event Name: Catching Features World Orienteering Championship 2021 (CF WOC21)

After organizing the Catching Features World Cup 2020, we are back organizing the 7th World Orienteering Championship in Catching Features. Last Spring, we were able to attract over 800 participants from over 20 unique countries. This time we will run in virtual terrain from Czech Republic. Therefor we could agree on a cooperation with the organizers from the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championship 2021 later this year.

In this complicated period, it is on most places not possible to run orienteering competitions or even train orienteering. However, it’s possible to play “Catching Features“ (, an orienteering game simulation in a 3D environment. (Windows only! There is a free demo of the game available under , and also the very low System requirements are listed there. These demo events are of a much lower quality than what awaits you during CF WOC21. Check “What you need” for 40% off on the game.)

We hope that we can offer a great experience for any interested person and hopefully also a good training possibility for WOC or Euromeeting later this year.

Our website:

Program (February 2021):

  • Official Training Competitions available from the beginning of February. Of course, there are always other competitions to train your Catching Features skills available online on the same place as later our events. All these are free of charge, as long as you own a copy of the game.
  • There will be 4 single player competitions:
    • Middle
    • Long
    • Night
    • Sprint

First single player competition at 8th of February. Check our website for detailed information. Single player competitions will be open to play for 14 days.

  • 3 player Relay Competition for pure National Teams only.

There is a registration deadline for the Relay Competition at the 16th of February. Each Relay Leg will be open 7 days. Check our website for detailed information.

The 6 best teams qualify for a real online relay competition at the 28th of February, which will be live broadcasted. Link for viewers will be published on our website

For who: Everybody who is interested. The big benefit of orienteering at the computer is, that if you get lost, you can simply quit. There is no registration limit. Everybody competes in the same category.

What you need: CF WOC21 will take place in the computer game “Catching Features”. Its working in windows only! We are not responsible for you having a working full game version of the game. Make sure to buy your version of the game in time following this link: (

-> special offer, use promo code “CFWOC21” for 40% off when you buy the game. So it only costs ~24 US Dollar instead of 40! (about 20 Euros instead of 33 Euros)*

Of course you also need an internet connection.

Participation fee / Registration: Participation fee for the whole CF WOC21 Event is 10.- Swiss Francs (CHF) (round about 9.30 Euro). Please check our webpage for further instruction on how to register.

Live results:  Live updated results will be available all the time under . Official Results will be displayed on our website.

Final Event: There will be a final event on Sunday 28th of February, which will be live streamed on twitch. The 6 best relay teams compete for their country and medals and it will be broadcasted with live commentary, live pictures from the forest and live tracking. We will publish further information about this event on our webpage.

If there are any questions please check our website or contact us [email protected]