UNOFFICAL Catching Features WOC 2021 – Final relay is up

Hundreds of participants enjoyed the Middle, Long, Night and Sprint competitions in a virtual Czech terrain. On Sunday the 28th, 21:00 CET, you can follow the final Relay with 6 qualifying teams (3 persons per team) on a live streamed event on the Twitch platform (just click and watch, no account needed).

The live broadcast includes live commentary, GPS, pictures from the forest and a fancy 3D map overlay view.

Event: CF WOC2021 Relay Finals
Date: 28th February 2021
Time: 21:00 CET
Duration: The Relay itself will take less than 20min for the winning Team. Full stream about 45min
Where: Live stream on ->
Everything for free. No account needed. Only if you want to participate in the chat and ask question or similar you have to register on twitch for free.
Event info page: 

Below is a summary and some stories from Flavio Poltéra in the organising team of 7th annual Catching Features World Orienteering Championships:

The Summary

During February 2021 the 7th annual Catching Features World Orienteering Championships took place. There were 2 Training courses and 7 Competitions, each on an own part of a huge Training map from Nokian Tyres WOC2021 in Czech Republic or on a Sprint map also used for Trainings towards WOC2021. We did crown new Catching Features World Champions in Middle, Long, Night and Sprint. All medal winners will received prizes by our Partners.

We did receive a lot of positive feedback on the event. Which always is nice to hear after investing many hours or rather days in to making this event happen.

Participants: 100 officially registered and in total more than 450 individual participants

Continents: All Continents took part; South America, North America, Oceania, Europe, Asia and Africa

Countries: 42

The Reruns

There was a battle for the fastest time in the Training races. Reruns included. Some participants did really push each other and did probably rerun so often, that they knew every control out of their head. But there was one guy who did spend more than 10 hours on this Training. Meaning he did more than 255 reruns which got his account locked up because of a data overflow. Seems like not even the creator of Catching Features did expect somebody to do that many reruns ever.

The Easter Egg Monkey

Some competitors, which did bigger mistakes or were taking (too) long time to read the map, had to meet the in-game “Easter egg” Monkey. The Monkey has the same name as the username of the creator of the game. The Monkey is chasing and scaring the competitor and unfortunately, the organisers of CF WOC 2021 were not able to remove this feature (or creature) from the game. Ooops! 😉 Which earned us some angry comments. But the better you get in the Game, the less often you meet him, and most of the Top Players probably cant even recall meeting him. It just seems like every beginner has to meet the Monkey at some time.

The Video

Get a glimpse of the look and feel of following Catching Features competitors in the game.

/The Organisers of CF WOC 2021