Two Czech wins in MTBO Championships Long Distance

The two experienced Czech riders Martina Tichovska and Krystof Bogar took the gold medals in the World MTBO Championships in Austria today, by 5 seconds and 2.07 respectively.

Bogar’s win was impressive on the tough 27.0 km course, with the Simon Braendli, Switzerland taking his second medal of the Championships with silver. The Russian Anton Foliforov took the bronze medal, 1.11 slower than Braendli.

Finland’s Antonia Haga tried hard to match Tichovska and was just a shade slower after the 22.9 km. There was then a gap of almost 4 minutes to the bronze medallist, Svetlana Poverina of Russia. This race was notable for two Lithuanian riders in podium placings – fourth and fifth.

The final race of the Championships, the Sprint, is tomorrow.

Leading results


  1. Martina Tichovska CZE 2:01:14
  2. Antonia Haga FIN 2:01:19
  3. Svetlana Poverina RUS 2:05:11
  4. Algirda Mickuviene LTU 2:06:33
  5. Gabriele Andrasiuniene LTU 2:06:54
  6. Veronika Kubinova CZE 2:07:00


  1. Krystof Bogar CZE 1:56:13
  2. Simon Braendli SUI 1:58:20
  3. Anton Foliforov RUS 1:59:31
  4. Jussi Laurila FIN 2:01:16
  5. Valeriy Gluhov RUS 2:01:27
  6. Vojtech Ludvik CZE 2:02:04

Junior women: Gold to Constance Devillers FRA by 1.00

Junior men: Gold to Jan Hasek CZE by 2.10

European Youth women: Gold to Kaarina Nurminen FIN by 6.15

European Youth men: Gold to Richard Wohanka CZE by 5.09