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In 2022: Knock-Out Sprint format needs special attention upon Result management and import into IOF Eventor. Read more here: http://dev.orienteering.sport/orienteering/internal/event-organising/administrative-resources/eventor-guides/manage-knock-out-sprint-results/ In 2019 we updated the IOF Eventor entry process, please read more here: Team Managers Guide to enter Team Events (English)

IOF Eventor

Link to IOF Eventor IOF Eventor is the event management system that supports some parts of the Event administrative processes for IOF Events. The system also serves as the digital archive of event information to be kept for the records after the event has been closed. IOF Eventor supports events with the same type of entry. For Team Entry events, only one team manger can be applied per national team. IOF Eventor cannot handle events with mixed entries type. Normally, each championship needs to be setup as its own event. IOF Eventor only supports one races competitions. If a competition contains several races, they must be setup as separate competitions. IOF have dedicated support to support the organiser on the system management. The support help and train and setup the event. The support is available on normal working hours and the support normally answers within 16 working hours. IOF have a test environment where organiser shall setup the event and test all functionality and settings. For access to the test environment, contact [email protected]. IOF always support the organiser with the following steps:
  • First setup of the event in the calendar
  • Changing event name, time and Event Adviser
  • Setting up/configuration of the entries settings

More user guides and FAQ

As a complement to this web page, there is guides and help (FAQ) within the IOF Eventor system. Some guides are not fully updated. Link to Help and Support section in IOF Eventor

IOF Eventor manage the following parts of IOF event management:

Visibility and calendar

The event is added to the calendar

Key Roles and contacts

Key roles and contact information


Bulletins are added as PDF:s for Teams/Athletes to read

Documents and links

Any relevant document (file) can be uploaded as official information.

Entries management

  • Team Entry Events entries (WOC:s, World Cups, EOC).
    • The system support the entry process with team size entry, team names entry and competition entry. The system does not support payments but is summarizes the entries done and accumulated costs. Some basic services can be setup and ordered as transportation package and other competition related services. Entries to competitions can be exported to External Event management systems.
  • Individual/Open entries (WRE and Regional events other than EOC)
    • The system support basic entries to a competition. No management of payments. Entries to competitions can be exported to External Event management systems.
  • Master events - open entry and group entry
    • The system supports and open entry process where individuals and groups can enter. The system also support payment management through PayPal and Bank transfer. Entries to competitions can be exported to External Event management systems.
To help organisers to define, calculate and communicate the entries schedule, there is a template fot this which can be found in the "plan and organise an IOF event"-section.

Start lists

Start list can be uploaded from an external event management system through IOF XML. IOF Eventor do not support start list creation.


The system supports basic result management where results are imported through IOF XML to IOF Eventor. Currently (2019) the system only supports one official result list per competition and in some cases a second result set needs to be uploaded as PDF to the document section. The system cannot handle TrailO results which need to be uploaded as PDF:s/excel files in the document section.

Embargoed areas

There is a basic embargoed areas management module where an area can be pinpointed as embargoed on a global map. Note! More complex and restricted embargoed areas, needs to be managed outside the system, see the embargoed areas guide.

Note! IOF Eventor do NOT support:

  • The Start list creation process varies from event type to event type and can be very complex. IOF Eventor do not support this but the competition entries can be exported. The start list creation is time consuming and needs to be tested and rehearsed well before the event and is done by the organiser with support form the SEA team.
  • Accommodation booking and complex service orders. IOF Eventor is not built for managing orders of these services. The Entries process in IOF Eventor follow the competition entry deadlines. We recommend that only small and simple services can be ordered during the competition entry periods and these services shall be connected to the competitions.
  • Split times visualisation

Overall setup process of the Event in IOF Eventor

These timelines are applicable for Major Events. WRE:s have another process, see another section "Apply for a WRE event in IOF Eventor".
Period Tasks
-4 to-2 years
  • Event is appointed. IOF Office add basic event info to IOF Eventor.
  • Organiser gest access through the federation which also add access to the local organisers. The following information needs to be updated by the organisers:
    • Officials and Contact info
    • Bulletins
    • Embargoed areas info
    • Other relevant documents
-18 months
  • IOF Eventor Support ([email protected]) setup entries management according to IOF rules and bulletin 1 (Event start date, entry periods and fees)
    • Event start date (normally -1 day from the first competition)
    • The entry periods follow the IOF entry periods (there is and excel spreadsheet to calculate the standard entry periods)
    • Competition dates is important
  • Organiser check the periods and fees accordingly

Detailed IOF Eventor Guides

IOF Eventor guides can be found on the IOF Eventor page under the Help and Support section. In 2019 we will try to move the guides into this web and some of the guides are outdated.

Organiser IOF Eventor responsibilities and Event management deliveries

  • The organiser must make sure that the following roles within the event organising team are given access to IOF Eventor and are trained.
  • The organising federation administrator to give access to the right roles within the federation The organising federation event organiser to update information on the IOF Eventor page
  • Local club event organiser to update information on the IOF Eventor page
  • Local club entries manager
  • Local club results manager
  • Local club external event management system responsible (to test imports, exports and start list management)
  • The organiser are responsible for that the information is setup, updated and managed according timelines that is specified in rules and guidelines. If the organiser finds something wrong, the organiser shall update the information or get help from the IOF Eventor support. IOF will support in keeping the deadlines, but it is organiser responsibility to make sure that the information is in place, in time.
  • The organiser have the responsibility to make sure that all mandatory information is archived in IOF Eventor before closing the event.
  • The organiser must request to IOF Eventor support if dedicated support is needed during periods. The dedicated support request shall be given at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • The organiser must provide their own system for accommodation entries and management
  • The organiser must provide their own system for split times results visualisation (if needed)

Organiser Results management deliveries

  • The organiser shall upload the official championships results as data through IOF XML to IOF Eventor
  • In case when an event is both a championship and a World Cup event, the organiser shall provide separate world cup result list to IOF for world cup calculations.
  • In case the Championship result list and the World Ranking result list is different in regional championships, the organiser shall send separate result list to IOF for WRE calculations.
  • In case that the championship has an aggregated team championship result list, the organiser shall calculate the results and publish the results as PDF and in excel spreadsheet in IOF Eventor.

Organiser External event/competition management system

  • The organiser shall provide an external event/competition management system to manage the competitions.
  • The organiser shall test and make sure that all interfaces between IOF Eventor and the External event/competition management system is working before the event start.
    • Entries export from IOF Eventor
    • Start list imports to IOF Eventor
    • Results import to IOF Eventor

Start list creation

  • The organiser shall provide their own system/process for start list creation (aggregate rankings and entries and draw lots according to IOF Rules)
  • The organiser shall test the start list creation system/process well before the Event as it is very time-critical.

Accreditation card production


IOF provide an Accreditation card tool which supports creation of the of the accreditation cards. The organiser shall dedicate a resource that setup, test and implement the tool for the Event together with IOF Support.

All other event types

If applicable, the organiser must provide an accreditation card production tool.

Manage Knock-Out Sprint Results

Knock-Out Sprint Results

Knock-Out Sprint results must be handled in a special way since the Qualification heats and the overall Knock-Out result list are separate ranking events. The example below is for a Knock-Out Sprint with 3 Qualification Heats with both Men and Women classes. Note! IOF Eventor result import works in the way that all previously imported results (classes) is deleted when you do a new import. The example below therefore suggests that you create the Overall result list after the competition and upload all results (including Heat results) after that creation.
  1. In IOF Eventor, create 8 ‘new’ classes. This can be done in advance, before the event.
  • Heat 1 Men
  • Heat 1 Women
  • Heat 1 Men
  • Heat 2 Women
  • Heat 2 Men
  • Heat 3 Women
  • Heat 3 Men
  • Overall Men
  • Overall Women
  1. Create the Overall result list in xml format (after the whole competition). The Overall result list is produced according to FootO rule 24.17 and World Ranking Scheme Rule 7.6. Since this result list creation probably not is supported by your event management system you need to produce the list manually.
  • Manually fill in the IOF Eventor Excel result template according to the competition results. Note that the ‘TIME’ field is not necessary.
  • Upload the excel to the event in IOF Eventor
  • Export the results from IOF Eventor in xml format and keep that file for later.
  1. Create Heats xml and merge with overall results xml:s
  • Create one xml export for Heat 1,2 and 3 from your event management system.
  • Manually combine the two xml files (from step 2 and 3) into one xml file.
  • Import the new ‘total’ xml file to IOF Eventor.

Team Managers Guide to enter Team Events

In 2019-01-01 we implemented an updated process for doing Team Entries in IOF Eventor. The process follows the rules that were implemented in 2017 with clear deadlines for team size and team names. The attached presentation is not very detailed but gives a good picture of what it looks now, and we expect the new process to support:
  • Team Manager: Better understanding on when and how to enter
  • Team manager: Better control of costs
  • Team Manager: Better control of deadlines
  • Organiser: Better control of what to invoice
  • Organiser: List of Team Managers
  • Organiser: Better overview on what the current entry is (Note! The reports will be further developed and is not good right now!)
  • Media/Followers: At -10 days the Teams will be publicly released for media and followers.
Coming changes: Better organiser reports and entry overview for organiser. Better support for simple/manual invocing (not a full invocing managmement tool). Note! This does not change the entries for WRE:s; Masters and some Regional Championships, which have ‘open’ or ‘personal’ entry.

For Coaches/Team Officials/Entry responsible

Check the presentation: Eventor – Team Entries changes 2019.pdf Support and questions: [email protected]