Partner in focus: CX80

CX80 has recently joined the IOF family as partner. Most profiled is the collaboration around CX80 MTB Orientering World Cup. We had a word with marketing Manager Martyna Skiba.

Martyna, what is your relationship with orienteering?

We are a family business. Our personal values impact our company, and orienteering is a sport we love for its mental and physical challenges, and for time spent outdoors.

Why is CX80 engaging in collaboration with world orienteering?

We believe in promoting our brand in the right way, letting our customers know that we want to support healthy lifestyle and environmental care.

The IOF values are Sustainable, Inclusive and Ethical. How does CX80 connect to this?

Our main goal is being ethical and honest to our customers by providing them high quality products and safety. Safety not only connected to the human body, but also connected to environment. We want to keep our products sustainable by using the cleanest and most eco-friendly raw materials.

A backbone of the CX80 and IOF collaboration is naming the CX80 World Cup in MTBO. How do you connect to MTBO?

We wanted to connect this collaboration with launching our new Bike Care line. The line is created with our long time experience in formulating professional products. We want to provide professional products that match our vision of sustainability.

We hope this cooperation with help in promoting orienteering and our brand as aware of human health and environment.