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The World Cup 2021 is back to its expected format; three events with a total of nine races. Six of the nine events are individual races while each of the three events also offers one relay each. You follow the World Cup here.

The program:

Date Format Event Location
13 May Sprint Relay World Cup round 1 with European Championships



14-15 May Knock-Out Sprint
16 May Sprint
12 August Long Distance World Cup round 2 Idre Fjäll,
14 August Middle Distance
15 August Relay
30 September Long Distance World Cup round 3 Cansiglio and Cortina,
2 October Middle Distance
3 October Sprint Relay

The first round, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland,  has status of European Championships and is fully sprint focused. The event follows the Championships formula with Sprint Relay, Knock-Out Sprint and Sprint.

The second round, in Idre Fjäll, Sweden in August, is taking place a month after the Nokian Tyres World Championships. The round is fully forest focused.

The decisive round is held in Italy. The first two races are held in Cansiglio while the sprint relay is held in the 2026 Olympics town Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Most of the races, if not all, will be broadcasted live on and on national TV in several countries.

The three venues are competing about having the largest wow factor; the picturesque and charming Swiss town Nuechâtel, the wilderness of the Swedish Idre Fjäll or the stunning beauty of Italian Cansiglio dressed in autumn colours.

Previous years

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