O-Ringen Academy 2018

The organizers of O-Ringen Höga Kusten 2018 together with PWT Travel, in cooperation with the IOF, are pleased to invite you to participate in the annual O-Ringen Academy, which will be held 19 – 28 July in connection with this year’s O-Ringen in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

The Academy provides a unique opportunity for orienteering federations and interested individuals to work on developing the sport in their home countries. The idea behind O-Ringen Academy is, through the transfer of knowledge and experience, to develop individual competency to be able to promote, organize and teach orienteering and at the same time participate in the world’s greatest orienteering event, O-Ringen.

O-Ringen Academy is primarily intended for participants from new and developing orienteering countries, where there is a need to quickly learn the skills and routines required to organize orienteering events.

More information can be found in the Bulletin 1 and the Application form.