Lumonite and IOF in partnership

Orienteering headlamps have developed significantly over the last few years. Not only have lamps developed technically but the market has also developed with an increasing number of brands marketing quality lamps. Lumonite is one of the relatively newly developed brands. Lumonite lamps are developed in Finland where the company behind the brand, Handshake Oy, is based. In 2018, The Association for Finnish Work awarded Lumonite the Design From Finland mark. Lumonite is active in many countries with night orienteering activity. The lamps are developed for orienteering and are also used in other sports, for example enduro and cross-country skiing.

Lumonite and IOF have signed a two year contract with the purpose of further strengthening the headlamp market. The agreed collaboration is broad including World Orienteering Day as one of the components.

The Lumonite homepage is found here: