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Terms of Service

By creating and account in InPlayer and by Purchasing a Competition you agree on the following terms of servcie:

  1. Terms & Conditions for the InPlayer paywall
  2. InPlayer Services and Privacy (GDPR complicance)
  3. Disclaimer: IOF, the TV-production team, the local organisers and InPlayer Services are doing our best in making available all World Cup competitions, at a good quality, to all orienteering followers around the globe at a reasonable cost. The setup of globally distributed live streams from the production bus to the follower’s phone, tablet or computer is a complex project where the are several possible issues that can appear. We will do our best to provide good quality, fun and exciting competitions at your home! Due to the big variation in type of device that our followers use, we strongly recommend checking the supported devices page . Mobile/tablet followers must use Chrome or Safari browsers.
  4. Refunding and compensation: If problem occurs, we will do our best to solve it as soon as possible. A major problem is when the stream is not available for a majority of the live competition time that effects all users or a clear majority of the users. We will always make available the best possible Re-Live broadcast after the race if possible. After the Round, we will evaluate the services from each competition and if a major problem have occurred on one competition we will communicate (through InPlayer registered user email) with all followers that had purchased a ticket on a way for compensation. Minor problems, such as small lagging issues or temporary disturbed sound, might occur.

Status, Feedback and questions

If you want to find the status of the Web-TV, please check in the “Live services status” box of each competition page.

If you encounter any other problem or have any feedback, please report it us. We will read all feedback. Feedback problems with the LIVE Orienteering portal in general and Web-TV stream issues to: [email protected] Feedback problems with Web-TV InPlayer accounts and purchases to: [email protected] If you want to find the status of the Web-TV, please check the top of each competition page.

Web-TV accounts and Paywall – short info

  • You can re-use the account you created for the 2019 season
  • Only Web-TV Followers need to create an account on the InPlayer platform. This is done by clicking on the BUY / LOGIN button in a Web-TV box.


How to purchase a ticket

You can buy the ticket several days before the competitions as the purchase is tied to your InPlayer login account.

  1. Navigate to the LIVE Orienteering event. Choose the right competition tab. It does not matter which competition you choose if you shall purchase the “All competitions ticket”.
  2. On the competition tab, choose the right “Web-TV”-box. When there is Web-TV with several languages, you must choose the right Web-TV box. Click on “BUY / LOGIN”
  3. “LOGIN” in into your InPlayer account or create one by clicking on “SIGN UP”
  4. Choose type of ticket.
  5. Pay by credit card
  6. The Web-TV is now ‘unlocked’ and you will see the “Event logo and competition name” in the Web-TV window. You can login on any supported device and watch your purchased Web-TV shows after the purchase.

Do I need to pay for live services on LIVE Orienteering?

Yes and no. Viewing live Web-TV from World Orienteering Championships and World Cup in Orienteering is available for a ticket fee. All other live services are normally free.

Do I need to create any account to follow live services?

You only need an account to be able to purchase and follow paid Web-TV broadcasts. For other live services you do not need any account.

Can I use my old LIVE Orienteering account for Web-TV that I created during the 2019 season?

For the 2019 season and onwards we use the Web-TV ‘paywall’ service called InPlayer. This means you can re-use your account created in 2019 or create an account in InPlayer to use for the 2021 season. You do only need to create one account that can be used for the whole season. We now use a service provider called InPlayer.

Can I log in no more than one device with my account?

The account is restricted to one unit at the same time. A unit can be a computer, telephone, tablet or smart TV.

Which devices can I use to Watch Web-TV and what internat browsers can I use?

Due to the big variation in type of device that our followers use, we strongly recommend checking the supported devices page . Mobile/tablet followers must use Chrome or Safari browsers.

A box seems to be empty or miss links or info – Try the Refresh Arrow!

Every ‘box’ on live orienteering have a refresh-arrow. If you want to be sure you have the latest updates in the box you click on the refresh-arrow.

Why do you need to do this? LIVE orienteering need to cope with 20 000+ users that follow the events simultaneously, all over the world. To be able to manage fast response times and keep the server loads down and for security reasons we use a content delivery network (CDN). This have several advantages but also the effect that some updates are not immediately updated in your browser. A typical event day we do 10 updates of  on live orienteering. If you want to make sure that you have the latest information, click on the refresh arrow. We also have decided not to ‘push’ out updates every time a box is updated to lower the pressure on the system and internet.

InPlayer FAQ, and Info:

Known Issues on LIVE Orienteering:

I Can not click on the Refresh-arrow:

  • Iphone 6 and earlier models experience a bug in LIVE Orienteering where the ‘Refresh-arrow’ in the ‘boxes’ is not usable when the phone is held in portrait view.
  • SOLUTION: Place the phone in Landscape view and then click on the refresh-arrow.