JWOC2018 Middle: gold for Hungary and Sweden

Csilla Garodnyi, Hungary brought first gold medal for the host nation at the Junior World Orienteering Championships 2018.

Hungarian orienteer was 8 seconds faster than the Swede Sanna Fast and 26 seconds than the Czech Barbora Chaloupska.

Reigning champion Simona Aebersold (SUI), as well as few other runners, were disqualified for missing an obligatory marked route on the course.

In the men‘s class all podium positions went to Sweden. Jesper Svensk was the fastest and won gold. Simon Imark finished in silver medal position, 17 seconds behind Svensk and Henrik Johannesson was third, 36 seconds behind.



1. Csilla Gardonyi HUN 28:59

2. Sanna Fast SWE 29:07

3. Barbora Chaloupska CZE 29:25

4. Tereza Janosikova CZE 29:31

5. Amy Nymalm FIN 29:32

6. Zsofia Sarkozy HUN 29:53


1. Jesper Svensk SWE 29:32

2. Simon Imark SWE 29:49

3. Henrik Johannesson SWE 30:08

4. Daniel Vandas CZE 31:12

5. Daniil Kashin RUS 31:24

6. Mathieu Perrin FRA 31:42


Tomorrow JWOC2018 will finish with a Relay race.