IOF Athletes’ Commission

Athlete Representation structure in the IOF

Athlete representation in IOF has three levels:

  1. An Athlete Advisory Group (AAG) for each discipline: FootO, MTBO, SkiO and TrailO.
  2. The Athletes Commission (AC), with 8 members in total, consisting of 2 members of different genders from each discipline AAG (FootO, MTBO, SkiO and TrailO).
  3. Athletes Commission representatives on the IOF Council, 2 members of different genders.

The purpose of this structure is to represent the voice and interests of athletes by engaging in decision-making processes within the IOF organisation, and to empower athletes through the communication of information.

The aims of the ACs and the AAGs are to:

  • Promote Clean Sport
  • Promote Fair Play
  • Encourage Sustainable Practices
  • Support Youth Development
  • Enhance Athlete Networks Among Disciplines
  • Provide Organiser Feedback


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