IOF WOC Clinic

The IOF WOC Clinic offers talented athletes from IOF member federations which cannot afford to send a team to the WOC to participate in the WOC by providing them accommodation, local transport and high level coaching. The IOF WOC Clinic also focuses on learning of orienteering skills and exchange of knowledge and experience with orienteering development between participating athletes and the Clinic coaches.

The invitation and the application for the IOF WOC Clinic 2022 in Denmark can be found below:

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The IOF WOC Clinic 2021 was organized in Jestrebi, in the Czech Republic between the 29th June to the 10th July 2021.


The IOF WOC Clinic 2019 was organized in Moss, Norway. 12 athletes from 3 continents and 9 countries (5 women and 7 men) participated in this Clinic. All of them appreciated trainings before the WOC competitions, evaluation/analyses of trainings and competitions, and mainly being part of a team that supported and backed each other.

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