Recreational Orienteering

In this document you can find a collection of recreational orienteering concepts from 10 different member federations:

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Listed below are some successful ongoing projects/activities in Sweden and Norway. Some of the projects are directed directly towards schools and others can with ease be used in schools.

HittaUt, Sweden

HittaUt has been around for 10 years and is ruled by soft (Swedish national Orienteering). This year 57 sites have HittaUt in Sweden, a number that increases every year. The goal is to find checkpoints on a map. You search for checkpoints and explore your surroundings. On every checkpoint there is a code, you register them online for a chance to win prices.

The concept is often financed by the local municipality together with local orienteering clubs as a people’s health project. School often find it easy to use and the maps are free to collect. They are delivered to the municipalities inhabitants and if you come from outside there are special collection sites or it is found easily digitally. There is a collective webpage where you reach all different cities that provides HittaUt and their map. There is also an app for mobile usage. It has been very successful with more than four million registered checkpoints in one year.

Turorientering, Norway
Turorientering was introduced in Norway more than 50 years ago and is run by the Norwegian Orienteering Federation (NOF) in cooperation with more than 170 clubs who put out approx.12000 checkpoints on around 1200 different maps. Many people describe Turorientering as “Treasure Hunting”. The clubs usually divide tours into different skill levels like “Green Tour” that is easy and popular for new-beginners and people with reduced mobility. Then we have Blue, Red and Black tours/checkpoints where the Black ones are for the more experienced. Some of the tours are often free of charge and for others you pay a small fee.

People can use a papermap or just download the “turorientering” app and use the cellphone or ipad when hunting for checkpoints. When you find a checkpoint, you can register by reading the barcode (QR-code) or by filling in a code of letters/figures. The number of checkpoints you reach will give you a position in local and national rankings and a chance to win prizes.
Check also this short introduction video of turorientering in English;

Stolpjakten, Norway

It is Norways version of HittaUt and works in similar ways. You look for posts with help of either a physical or a digital map collecting codes with a chance of winning prices. It is free and is in a broad number of Norwegian and Swedish municipalities (common most in Swedish areas close the Norwegian border). It is run by the local authorities and local orienteering clubs as a people’s health project.

Aktivitetsbanken, Norway

Aktivitetsbanken is a website collecting activities in Golf, Orienteering, country-cross skiing and physical activities suited for a school purpose. For every activity there is a description of the exercise, skill level, suitable environment, target group, material needed and adaption plausible for participants with disabilities. Most of the activities have an instruction video as well. For orienteering there is 75 different activities. It is only available in norwegian though but could inspire others to create a similar tool for their federation. This tool is directed for school and teacher usage with very easy access and simple methods implement orienteering for both novice and more experienced orienteers.