Volunteer request

Are you searching for a volunteer to help you with orienteering development?

Are you in need of some expertise in mapping, coaching or organizing an event to develop orienteering? Would you like to recruit a volunteer but not sure where to search?

Check the Global Orienteering Volunteer Platform where volunteers offer their expertise here:


You can also submit your request for volunteer(s) via filling this survey

All federations, orienteering clubs or simply informal orienteering groups in need of development can fill in their requests for volunteers’ expertise in this survey. Requests stated there will be matched with a database of volunteers and those volunteers interested in the project(s) you have to offer will be guided to contact you.

Please note that this platform should help to facilitate matching volunteers to clubs/federations in need of orienteering expertise. However, the IOF cannot promise that all requests made by clubs/federations registered on this platform will be fulfilled. That depends on the supply side.

In case of any questions you can contact the project coordinator Nermin Fenmen: govp@orienteering.org