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If you want to order Orienteering Worlds in hard copy, please contact Office Administrator Kirsty McIntyre ([email protected]) or donate below. The price for one edition (2005-2019) is 10 euros (including postal costs).

Donate to the world of orienteering and get your own copy of Orienteering World

For the global development of orienteering there are many needs. Nations just beginning in the sport need basic equipment like control flags, punches and compasses. Or even funds to pay for mapping, the real basis of our sport. They also need assistance in the form of education, like mapping seminars, training courses and organisers clinics. Donations are welcome to help the IOF provide new and emerging orienteering nations the means to develop. For any donation of at least 10 EUR we will send a copy of the latest edition of Orienteering World. Address information can be filled in after pressing the Donation button. All donations go exclusively to global development projects.

Orienteering World 2019:

2019 Orienteering World.pdf

Archive Orienteering World 2015-2017

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