IOF Scholarship for O-Ringen Academy 2022

The O-Ringen Academy is a place for orienteering runners from different countries and on different levels, including beginners, to meet and exchange their experience and learn new.

Last time when O-Ringen Academy was arranged, in 2019, 45 orienteers from 13 countries participated.


For this years O-Ringen Academy the following applicants has been awarded the scholarship:

Egypt – Ismail Abdelrahman and Khalifa Nada

Colombia – Arcila Castro Iris Andrea and Isaza Castro Santiago

Slovenia – Karin Pust

Hongkong – Soo Wai Hin

Great Britain – Aades Mairi

North Macedonia – Krzheska Eleonora


O-Ringen Academy 2022 is arranged in conjuction with O-Ringen in Uppsala, Sweden, between the 22nd  of July to the 31st of July.