IOF Council statement about CISM Military World Games 2019

The IOF Council is meeting 25 – 26 October in Foshan, China, in connection with the Orienteering World Cup Final. At its meeting today one of the agenda items was the recent Middle Distance competition at the Military World Games (MWG 2019) in Wuhan, China October 20th.  The Council was informed about the activities leading to the withdrawal of the Chinese Military Orienteering Team and the final approval of the results list from the Middle Distance competition by the organisers of the MWG 2019 and CISM.

The IOF Council made the following decisions related to the actions of the involved bodies:

  • The Council would refer to the IOF Ethics Panel to determine, in accordance with the IOF Code of Ethics, if the activities at MWG 2019 fell within the jurisdiction of IOF business, and if so to rule upon potential sanctions for involved individuals as it may pertain to future IOF activities and competitions.
  • The Council would inform CISM that it was suspending the existing Memorandum of Understanding with CISM until a full investigation of the activities in connection with MWG 2019 was complete.

More information regarding this case will be communicated in due course, but for now full focus is put on the succesful organisation of the Orienteering World Cup Final in Foshan, China from 25-29 October.