Flashback of World Orienteering Day

Next week is the second opportunity to take part in World Orienteering Day during 2021.

During the period from the 8th to the 14th of September any event can be registered as a WOD event!

If you already have registered an event,  the WOD team wishes you good luck!

If you have not, do not worry. There are still time!

Simply go to worldorienteeringday.com and pre-register your event. There you can also find guidelines, tools and ideas for your event.

Below you can find some inspiration from previous years. What amazing creativity in the global orienteering community!

A “super-mini-micro” trail orienteering was carried out at the entrance to the Linköping University Campus. Maze orienteering in Indonesia. WOD event from Mocambique.


Girl punching during Indoor Orienteering in Latvia. Girl punching during a WOD event in Slovenia. Orienteering activity from Turkey during the pandemic.


Online Photo Pre-O game from Hong Kong. Here WOD in Azerbaijan. MTBO WOD event from Russia.


From Ecuador. Concentration during WOD event in China. In Argentina a girl tried Maze orienteering.


Maze-O in Lithuania Two boys during a WOD event in the Czech Republic. WOD in Greece
WOD event in Belgium. Unicycle-maze in Chiayi in Taiwan during the pandemic. Boy with compass and map during WOD event in Turkey.