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Welcome to Gränjesåsvallen!

The relay will take place at Gränjåsvallen, situated north-east of Idrefjäll. Most of the competition area is inside a nature reserve. Mainly sub-alpine forest  with old-grown threes and very few ‘green’-areas (areas with lower runability and visibility). Some areas are very detailed with a lot of features. The terrain is between 700-800 m.a.s.l. (map link to Idrefjäll).

The relay consists of two team competitions, men’s relay and women’s relay. Each relay have 3 legs. All teams start at the same time in a mass start and the courses are forked. Forked courses means that competitors that run the same leg may have different controls but after all 3 legs, all teams have ran the same course in total. Approximate combined (all three legs) winning time is 1 hour 45 min. First team to finish wins!

Relay schedule

All times are in CEST (UTC+2).

Note! Due to expected longer running times we need to have an earlier mass start on MEN and WOMEN.


12:30 Quarantine closed
12:35 Men mass start
13:00 Start of Web-TV
14:25 Estimated Winning Team Finish


14:45 Women mass start
16:40 Estimated Winning Team Finish
16:55 Flower ceremony
17:00 End of Web-TV

Web-TV (ENG)

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Leg 1 | Leg 2 | Leg 3

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World Cup Top 6 Men
1 Sweden
2 Norway
3 Switzerland
4 Finland
5 Estonia
6 Denmark

World Cup Top 6 Women
1 Sweden
2 Russia
3 Finland
4 Czech republic
5 Norway
6 Switzerland

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