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Welcome to Doksy!

Town centre of Doksy, with its irregular street network, consists of urban areas with paved streets and parkland with grass surface (map link).

In Sprint Relay, all teams start at the same time in a masstart. Each team consists of a mixed gender team of 4 athletes, two women and two men. The running order is Women-Men-Men-Women. The first team to finish wins. Estimated running time per leg is 12-15 minutes (~4 km course lengths)  and the expected Team winning time is 61 min.

Sprint schedule

All times are in CEST (UTC+2)

17:20 Quarantine closed
18:10 Start of Web-TV
18:20 Mass start Sprint Relay
19:21 Estimated first Team to finish
19:35 Flower ceremony
19:40 End of Web-TV

Web-TV (ENG)

Web-TV (RUS)

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Map (all leges)

Live service status

Live results – Ended
GPS-tracking – Ended
TV – Ended

Top 6
1 Sweden 1:02:19
2 Norway 1:02:45
3 Switzerland 1:02:48
4 Denmark 1:03:34
5 Czech Republic 1:03:50
6 United Kingdom 1:03:52