Day program

Welcome to the Sprint Relay in Là Maladière Neuchâtel!

The Sprint Relay is mixed gender relay where a team of 4 athletes run 4 legs. The order is women, men, men, women. Each leg takes about 15 minutes. All teams start in a mass start and the team that is ‘first to finish’ wins.


16:30 – 17:55 (UTC + 2)

Sprint Relay Schedule

16:30: Start TV/Web-TV broadcast
16:40: Mass start (4 legs, women-men-men-women, each 15 minutes)
17:40: Winning team finish, afterwards flower ceremony
17:55: End TV/Web-TV broadcast

18:15 Free broadcast of the prize-giving ceremony. Both in English and in Russian language. Watch live on IOF Facebook page.

Web-TV (ENG)

Web-TV (RUS)

Startlists and results
Prize-giving ceremony

Free broadcast of the Prize-Giving ceremony of the Sprint Relay. Start 18:15 (UTC +2). Both in English and in Russian language. Will also be streamed on IOF Facebook page.



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