European Youth Orienteering Championships in Belarus coming up

European Youth Orienteering Championships in Belarus starts today with Model event. The first medal race is Long Distance on the 28th and then a Relay the 29th followed by a Sprint the 30th. It is the first IOF Major Event ever held in Belarus. Event centre is Grodno in western Belarus.

There will be a live camera from the races and here you find the URL for live-streaming:

Live results will be available on the event’s website during the competitions.

Expected terrain:

Long Distance
Hilly terrain with slopes up to 60 meters. Hydrography is poorly represented.  Temperate broad leaf and mixed forest. Run ability is from very good to hard. It is reduced because of vegetation. There are remnants of World War II defensive structures.

Terrain of glacial origin with small landforms. Slopes up to 30 meters. Mixed forests of various types.
Run ability is from good to hard.

Almost flat city center with roads and narrow passages.

More information is found here: