Ecuador and Malta join the IOF

The organisation Federación Ecuatoriana del Deporte de Orientacion (FEDEO) and Malta Sport For All were both approved as provisional members of the IOF at the digital Council Meeting last week (July 31).

This brings the number of members of the IOF to 75.

FEDEO (Ecuador)

Ecuador has re-joined the IOF with a new established organisation called Federación Ecuatoriana del Deporte de Orientacion.

Malta Sport For All

Malta Sport For All (MSFA) is an multi-sport organisation based in Birkirkara, Malta. The Organisation is autonomous, independent and based on the principle of volunteering. The first step is to develop sport in kindergarten and primary school with specific orienteering program. The aim is to have a national championships in in September 2021.

More information and contact details on IOF Eventor.