Call for volunteers in the areas of IT and Global Development

The IOF is seeking volunteers who are interested in working with the development of international orienteering.

IT and digitalisation continues to take an increasingly important role in orienteering development, and especially around the development of our international events. Having successfully led the IOFs development efforts in this area for the past few years, current IT Commission Chairperson Håkan Blomgren (SWE) has decided to retire from the role this fall. The IOF is now looking for his replacement in leading the IOF IT Commission. Please see the Call for Chairperson ITC.

The IOF has decided to further develop global development work in the re-named Global Development Commission (GDC, previously the Regional and Youth Development Commission or RYDC). The Commission will now work in 4 working groups focusing on Education, Recreational Orienteering, Regional Development and Youth Development. As this work moves forward there is a need to strengthen each of the 4 areas with volunteers, for more information see the Call for Volunteers GDC.

In its Strategic Directions the IOF has a goal of increasing the diversity in the volunteer organisation, which primarily means improving gender balance, increasing regional representation and aligning age distribution more closely to that of the global orienteering community. One potential method to allow broader participation in IOF work is to encourage volunteers who may not be able to be present in physical meetings, to work digitally in commissions and working groups. The IOF is increasingly working with digital meeting tools and virtual participation. We hope this opportunity can be attractive to more potential volunteers.

If potential candidates might have any questions about volunteering and working within the IOF please feel free to contact the IOF Office [email protected]