90 seconds start interval at World Cup Sprint

At World Cup Round 3 in Switzerland the start interval in the Sprint will be 90 seconds. The organiser has applied for a rules deviation to enable the use of a 90 seconds start interval for all athletes in the A-Finals.

The reason behind this request is that TV production for a sprint competition using a 1 minute start interval is very difficult: “It is not possible to find an adequate relationship between storytelling and presenting the top athletes. Using GPS tracking is almost impossible due to the tight start intervals. Especially when we focus to have an attractive TV production for viewers which are not very familiar with orienteering”, says the organiser in the Rules deviation request.

The rules deviation is approved and it will be 90 seconds start interval in the final Sprint.

World Cup Round 3:

27 September Middle Distance

28 September Knock-Out Sprint

29 September Sprint

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