11th IOF High Level Event Seminar to take place in Glasgow

The International Orienteering Federation (IOF), in cooperation with the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company Limited, is pleased to publish the invitation of the 2020 IOF High Level Event Seminar to be held in downtown Glasgow, Scotland, UK on 15-16 February, 2020.

The traditions of the High Level Event Seminar go back more than a decade. It all started in Oslo in 2009 and the Seminar is organised annually since then. The seminar has become an important event attracting 40-75 attendees each year from about 15-20 countries. The seminar targets appointed organisers, potential future organisers and key persons of IOF High Level Events, including already appointed IOF Senior Event Advisers and Assistant Senior Event Advisers. National orienteering federations are kindly asked to identify and enter suitable candidates.

After the success of WOC 2019 in Norway, the main focus of the HLES this year will be on the organisation of high level events, especially the World Orienteering Championships, and the HLES organisers plan to provide input for the participants on how we can achieve this common goal. Fair play will also be a big topic to discuss. A split session will be organised, concentrating on Sprint WOC organisation, Forest WOC organisation and IT. The groupwork once again returns to the agenda.

More information and the preliminary programme can be found in Eventor.