WSOC 2021: Heimdal and Larsen won titles in Pursuit

Audun Heimdal (Norway) and Lisa Larsen (Sweden) were fastest in Pursuit race the 24th World Ski Orienteering Championships in Kääriku, Otepää, Estonia. Both of them won their first individual World Champion titles.

Audun Heimdal started third today, 17 seconds behind Sprint winner Vladislav Kiselev. In a tight race Norwegian athlete took best route choices in the very last loop of the distance and finished ahead of two neutral athletes – Andrey Lamov and Vladidslav Kiselev.

In the women’s class, Lisa Larsen started just in 9th place, almost one a half minutes behind. Swede managed to caught-up leading ski-orienteers and finished in front of Estonian Daisy Kudre and compatriot Evelina Wickbom.

Interview with Pursuit winners:

TOP 6 Results


1.      Audun Heimdal NOR 1:05:39

2.      Andrey Lamov NEU 1:05:49

3.      Vladislav Kiselev NEU 1:05:50

4.      Sergey Gorlanov NEU 1:05:51

5.      Jorgen Baklid NOR 1:08:20

6.      Nicola Mueller SUI 1:08:45


1.      Lisa Larsen SWE 1:05:44

2.      Daisy Kudre EST 1:06:03

3.      Evelina Wickbom SWE 1:06:09

4.      Alena Trapeznikova NEU 1:06:15

5.      Anna Magdalena Olsson SWE 1:07:32

6.      Tatyana Oborina NEU 1:07:51

Results, GPS tracking and replay of web-tv broadcast could be found on Live Orienteering here.

Tomorrow is a rest day at the World Ski Orienteering Championships. Next race is scheduled for Saturday, when medals will be decided in Middle distance.