Updated 2022-05-25 23:24 (GTM+00:00)

1 Gustav Bergman 499
2 Joey Hadorn 394
3 Daniel Hubmann 378
4 Olav Lundanes 370
5 Vojtech Kral 338
6 Frederic Tranchand 308
7 Matthias Kyburz 305
8 Martin Regborn 257
9 Yannick Michiels 250
10 Lucas Basset 239
1 Tove Alexandersson 735
2 Simona Aebersold 473
3 Natalia Gemperle 420
4 Sabine Hauswirth 337
5 Elena Roos 325
6 Julia Jakob 269
7 Venla Harju 224
8 Marika Teini 223
9 Sara Hagstrom 219
10 Denisa Kosova 191

World Cup

Exciting venues at Orienteering World Cup 2021

While runners, teams, fans and organizers are preparing for the Orienteering World Cup 2020, a set of organizers are busy planning for 2021. The program is indeed interesting with a good mix of formats and locations in S...

World Cup round 1 2020 promises interesting route choices

The event takes place in Neuchâtel in east Switzerland, in the French speaking part of the country. The weekend will start with a long distance race om 21st of May, which will open up the 2020 World Cup season. The follo...

A strong World Cup team

The World Cup is from 2020 managed and overseen by a consortium with two parties; IOF Verein Swiss Cup The agreement of the parties is valid up to 2024 and forms a stability for the coming years. The intentions are in th...

The Orienteering World Cup is stepping up!

The World Cup 2020 will be very exciting! The programme includes 7 individual races and two relays. While the World Championship is sprint focused, the World Cup consists of a mix of disciplines. The programme looks as f...

World Cup Sprint Relay win for Switzerland

An exciting Sprint Relay in very varied terrain ended with a clear win for Switzerland, with Sweden and Norway second and third respectively. The decisive point in the race was in the middle of the final leg. Sweden 1 le...