World Ranking Rules and System updated

The IOF FootO Commission have done a thorough review of points allocation for World Ranking Events (WREs) compared with Major Events. The report stated that the mean of points allocated to WREs had been significantly lowered over time despite the changes implemented in 2019 and that an error in the system meant that the annual rebasing required by WR Rule 7.7 was implemented incorrectly. The report recommended changes that would give higher WRE points for WRE events other than Major Events. The following changes were approved by Council and have now been implemented:

  1. The yearly rebasing values were set to Mean = 1000 and standard deviation = 200. This is an amendment to WR Rule 7.7.
  2. All 2018 points have been rebased according to (1), then …
  3. points for all 2019 event events were recalculated, one by one and in chronological order, then …
  4. all recalculated 2019 points from (3) were rebased
  5. step 3 was repeated for all 2020 event results

As a result of this work, athletes’ points for the last 24 months will, in nearly every case, be significantly higher.

David Wästlund, System Manager at the IOF:
– These changes will give World Ranking Events a higher importance in the calculation of athletes’ World Ranking score. I would like to express a special thanks to David May (IOF FootO Commission member) and Tarmo Klaar (WRS developer) for the review and development of these changes. We have also developed follow-up processes to have better control over potential changes in the mean and standard deviation. We also publish the actual calculated parameters that make up the World Ranking score for each calculated competition. The values can be found on the competition pages in the World Ranking System.


New World Ranking Schedule Rules v July 2020

More info about WRS and changes (About page)

Example of the calculation parameters display (Find the parameters at the bottom of the linked page)

If you have questions about these changes, please contact [email protected]