World Masters Orienteering Championships 2021 in Hungary – entries are open!

Following the postponement of the World Masters Games 2021 in Japan to 2022, the IOF Council initiated work to find an organiser of a WMOC in the calendar year 2021. Of the 2 applications which were received for hosting a WMOC 2021 at short notice, Council decided to appoint Hungary, with the event to be held on 7th – 13th August. The Event Centre will be located in the town of Velence, approximately 50 km southwest of Budapest.

The concept was based upon the postponed Hungária Cup event from 2020, so the mapping of the forest areas was done. Still, the organiser had to renegotiate a lot and plan for an additional two sprint races in Budaörs and nearby Székesfehérvár. After only 4 weeks of work, the event website is now up and running on with Bulletin 1 published with all the necessary information in English, Russian and Hungarian. And entries are now opened in IOF Eventor:

Recent news regarding vaccinations suggest that the summer of 2021 may not be lost to the Covid-19 virus. Still, the organiser is aware that people may be reluctant to commit to enter at this stage of the pandemic, so the first entry deadline is set as late as 3rd May 2021. Furthermore, the organiser’s website contains a special COVID-19 page, where it will be possible to track the developments close to the entry deadlines. For instant information, please consult the WMOC 2021 Event Office: [email protected]

If you haven’t found the right Christmas present, gift your loved one with a WMOC 2021 entry and let’s plan on meeting in sunny and warm Hungary next August!