WOD 2018: The final number of participants landed at 358 734

This year’s WOD figures have been collected, and the final number of participants landed at 358 734, participating in one of 2213 events organised in 81 different countries and territories. This is an increase of approximately 70 000 participants compared with last year’s WOD.

This year was the first time the reporting period for World Orienteering Day was extended to a week long period. The purpose of this was to allow for more flexibility regarding international orienteering practices and various national holidays and exams.

Therefore this year’s WOD can be seen as a record setting event, rather than record breaking, being the first of its kind in this format. However we look forward to breaking this new record many times to come!

Contacts have been established in countries an territories which are not yet members of the IOF, allowing the IOF to reach out to these places and offer support in development. This proves that WOD is indeed an important part of the IOF’s global development work.

A crucial success factor has been the approach of the National Federations. Analysis found that where the National Federation made a focused effort to work with WOD, for example by having a national WOD strategy, collaborating with schools and clubs, or promotion and communication of WOD through their own channels, participation numbers reflected their efforts in a positive way.  The IOF hopes to be able to learn best practices from these National Federations and use these in its continued support to all National Federations.