Virtual TrailO – and also real TrailO

With opportunities for terrain orienteering competition still very restricted in many countries, interest is high for virtual forms of orienteering. TrailO is very well suited to e-orienteering and is attracting more and more participants. Right now the prestigious autumn 8-stage TORUS competition, spread over 4 weeks, is just reaching the half-way point, with more than 600 competitors taking part from countries all over the world.

Beginner’s Class
In this edition of TORUS there is a Beginner’s Class, and many new names can be found in the results lists. It is still possible to register, try out the stages already held and compete in the remainder. For the past stages, you can respond to the problems just as if you were competing, compare your final score with the published results list and – most importantly – look back at the pictures and maps for those tasks where you made a mistake. Once you are familiar with the procedures and the standard, you can confidently move forward and try a competition ‘live’. On the website there are also many ‘training events’ of varying levels of difficulty.

And the cost – nothing! It’s all free – visit to register and get under way!

Real TrailO in Italy
One of the very few international orienteering competitions to be held this year took place in Asiago, Italy last weekend. The Siben TrailO Cup was originally an event in the now-cancelled European Cup in TrailO, but was able to go ahead and featured top competitors from Slovenia, Poland and Great Britain alongside the best Italians.

Very challenging terrain with masses of contour and rock detail was provided; the maps and tasks can be seen on

There were three competitions; Emil Kacin from Slovenia won both the PreO and One-man Relay, the only entrant with no mistakes in either competition. A closely-contested TempO competition was won by the Italian Daniele Guardini; the first non-Italian in the results list was Krešo Keresteš, Slovenia in fourth place.