Tove Alexandersson – IOF Orienteering and Ski Orienteering Athlete of 2019

The unstoppable Swedish athlete Tove Alexandersson has won almost everything 2019. At the World Orienteering Championships she won three, of three possible, gold medals; Long Distance, Middle Distance and Relay. In the Orienteering World Cup she won eight of nine races and with an incredible margin she also won the overall World Cup for the sixth (!) year in a row.

Tove Alexandersson is not only the best orienteer in the world, she is also world class in ski orienteering. At the World Ski Orienteering Championships 2019 she became world champion in Long Distance and Sprint. She was second in both Middle Distance and Relay. She also won gold in Long Distance at the European Ski Orienteering Championships.

For this fantastic year, Tove has been chosen as both Orienteering and Ski Orienteering Athlete of the year 2019.