The World Cup Final Round kicks off with Knock-Out Sprint in Praha

The World Cup Round 4 starts with a Knock-Out Sprint in Praha on the 4th of October. The semi-finals and the finals will be held in Výstaviště in the northern part of central Prague.

Qualification and quarter-finals will be held in the morning and semifinals and final in the afternoon.

The terrain will be typical park terrain with sport facilities and area of exhibition grounds. There will be partly steep hillsides with altitude 180-240 meter.

Knock-Out Sprint format:
Qualification: 3 parallel heats with interval start 1 minute, first 12 runners are qualified to quarter-finals.
Quarter-finals: 6 quarter-finals with 6 runners each. The 3 leading runners in each quarter-final qualify for the semi-finals.
Semi-finals: 3 semi-finals with 6 runners each. The 2 leading runners in each semi-final qualify for the final.
Final: 6 runners in the final race.

Quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will be mass start with forking.
(Following forking methods can be used in any round of Knock-Out Sprint race: No forking, butterfly, phi-loop. In the Semi-final and Quarter-final, the “Course choice” forking method will be used. Several of forking methods can be used simultaneously in one round.)

Course data:
Qualification race: Women 2.3 km, Men 2.8 km
Quarter-finals: Women 2.1 km, Men 2.5 km
Semi-finals: Women 1.6 km, Men 1.8 km
Final: Women 1.6 km, Men 1.9 km

Time Schedule
9:30 First start Women
10:02 Estimated last start Women
10:05 First start Men
10:40 Estimated last start Men
10:40 Quarter-Final group selection by Women
11:15 Quarter-Final group selection by Men

11:45 Knock-Out Sprint QF – first start Women
12:10 Knock-Out Sprint QF – last start Women
12:15 Knock-Out Sprint QF – first start Men
12:40 Knock-Out Sprint QF – last start Men

15:30 Knock-Out Sprint SF – first start Women
15:54 Knock-Out Sprint SF – last start Women
16:06 Knock-Out Sprint SF – first start Men
16:30 Knock-Out Sprint SF – last start Men

16:47 Knock-Out Sprint F – start Women
17:05 Knock-Out Sprint F – start Men

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