Switzerland European Champions in Sprint Relay

Switzerland won the Sprint Relay at the European Orienteering Championships in Ticino, Switzerland.

The favourite team Switzerland handled the pressure on home ground and won the first relay of this championships, the Sprint Relay. Judith Wyder made an excellent first leg and Switzerland was in the lead through the entire relay. Her team mates Florian Howald, Martin Hubmann and Elena Roos made an impressive relay running solo in front.

Sweden, the reigning World Champions, had some difficulties on the first leg but after a strong second leg by Emil Svensk and solid races by Jonas Leandersson and Karolin Ohlsson won the silver medals.

The battle for the bronze was exciting. Norway with Andrine Benjaminsen made a great last leg and Norway was third just before Czech Republic and Austria.

1) Switzerland 1:02:45
Judith Wyder
Florian Howald
Martin Hubmann
Elena Roos

2) Sweden +1:12
Lina Strand
Emil Svensk
Jonas Leandersson
Karolin Ohlsson

3) Norway +3:10
Sigrid Alexandersen
Trond Einar Moen Pedersli
Oystein Kvaal Osterbo
Andrine Benjaminsen

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