Ski Orienteering Commission


Ski Orienteering Commission Remit 2019-2020


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The Ski Orienteering Commission should aim at meeting three times a year.

The meeting schedule should include:

– The annual joint meeting of the Council and Commissions
– The biennial IOF Congress
– The World Ski Orienteering Championships

Open Meetings

29 June, 2021 – Presentations below

Recording of the meeting

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Members Ski Orienteering Commission

Acting chairperson Lars Moholdt (NOR)

lars_moholdt (at)

Thierry Jeanneret (SUI)

thierry.jeanneret (at)

Functional responsibilities: promotion and coordination of the international ski orienteering calendar, Youth development.
Geographic Responsibilities: Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Belgium, USA, Canada.

Bernd Kohlschmidt (GER)

kohlschmidt (at)

Adrian Wickert (AUT)

adrian.wickert (at)

Functional responsibilities: WRE, Organizer Guidelines, Ski O Tour, Arena Productions,
Geographic responsibilities: Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary, Slovakia.

Anni Toiviainen (FIN)

anni.toiviainen (at)

Gu Xingdong (CHN)

95836272 (at)

Suspended (Aleksandr Bliznevskiy (RUS))

bliznevsky58 (at)

Functional responsibilities: FISU – Winter Universiades; marketing and promotional materials
Geographic responsibilities: Russia, Belarus, Ukraina, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia.

Suspended (Chairperson Tatiana Kalenderoglu (RUS))

tatiana (at)

Functional responsibilities: Contact with IOF Council, Event report from organisers and EAs, Coordination with mutli-sport games.
Geographic responsibilities: Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iran, Japan, Macedonia, Montenegro, New Zeeland, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey