Sepa – New IOF partner

Established in 1982, Sepa Oy is a family-owned company which has grown into one of the most significant and modern manufacturers of wooden rafters in the entire Europe. Sepa’s production plant is located in Keitele, Finland.

In addition to various types of rafters, Sepa manufactures midsoles, fire-safe trusses, house frames, bridge moulds, noise barriers and weather-protection shelters. Sepa’s customers include the largest manufacturers of prefab houses, infra builders, construction companies, wholesale companies and private customers.

As Sepa’s products are made of constantly renewable wood, Sepa is extremely “green company”. All products sequester a huge amount of carbon dioxide every year.

The focus on environment and interest in preserving wooden resources is the base of the collaboration with IOF. Interests are mutual and the partnership is to strengthen the sport as well as the Sepa brand.