Put the light on orienteering – vote for Tove!

Last year it was extremely close that Tove Alexandersson won the Jerring Prize, the most prestigious sports award in Sweden. Only 3000 votes were missing.

This winter it is time for Tove – help her win the award! Together we put some extra light on our sport!

Do you think that Tove Alexandersson was the greatest Swedish athlete in 2019? If so – vote for the Queen of Orienteering in the Jerring Prize voting!

In 1981 Annichen Kringstad won the Jerring Prize, and that was the last and to this point only time that an orienteer has been awarded this prize, “Jerringpriset” in Swedish. It is the most prestigious award for sport achievements in Sweden and it is often referred to as “the Award of the People”.

Once again Tove Alexandersson is one of the top candidates, and if she gets this award it would mean a lot for orienteering in Sweden, and of course, for the visibility of orienteering in general.

There are 11 candidates and it is the people – within or outside Sweden – who decide. The winner will be presented at a big annual gala which is broadcast and seen by millions of viewers.

Do you want to vote for Tove Alexandersson?

Here is how you do it:

The Swedish public radio is the organizer of the voting and THIS is the page where you can give your vote:


Check the box for Tove Alexandersson, and on the following page You just answer a few simple questions.

If You do not understand Swedish – here is a mini dictionary:

Namn = Name

E-postadress = E-mail address

Gatuadress = Street address

Postnummer = ZIP code

Postort = City

Land, om utanför Sverige = Country, if you live outside Sweden

Vilken storlek på tröja? = What size oft-shirt? (some of the voters will be win a t-shirt)

Tillbaka = Go back

Skicka = Send your vote