3rd Sprint Format: Knock-Out Sprint

A 3rd sprint race format will be added to the existing individual sprint and mixed sprint relay races in the World Orienteering Championships programme starting 2020.

History & Timeline

Date Description
2015 IOF General Assembly split WOC into Sprint/Urban and Forest. A new 3rd competition format is required for Sprint WOC: An individual first-to-finish format should be developed based on the individual sprint format.
2016 NORT-model (based on the competition concept of WCup 2011 and Cup 2013: elimination rounds or knock-out sprint) and CHASE model (chase start competition format) were tested an evaluated. Sprint format description document was developed based on the elimination rounds model as a first draft.
October 2017 IOF Council agreed on the proposed third sprint format description: a one-day competition with qualification ( with possibility for broad participation) and three elimination rounds. Council agreed with the Foot Orienteering Commission’s proposal regarding number of elimination rounds and competitors per heat, principles for advancing and estimated winning times. Council did not decide forking/splitting method for elimination round courses, and requested further testing. Link to the minutes of the IOF Council Meeting 186  and
April 2018 Special Rules for 2018 World Cup in Orienteering are updated with definitions for Knock-Out Sprint in World Cup Competition 9 in Prague.
Spring/Summer 2018 The development project runs in a full speed with many test races taking place: testing of courses with 1) No forking, 2) «Self choice» forking and 3)  forking method in which all runners pass the same controls (butterfly loops, phi loop or similar). Evaluating feedbacks from athletes, coaches and organizers. Test races: MOC Camp Catalynia and Swiss test race: video and Euromeeting in Denmark
 15 June 2018 The 3rd Sprint Format is called Knock-Out Sprint based on public voting and IOF Council decision.
4 October 2018

 First scheduled official race  at the IOF Orienteering World Cup Final in Prague, Czech Republic. Feedback process Knock-Out Sprint published 2018-10-06

Heat selection after qualification: video

Start procedure for course selection: video

Test yourself, for the «course choice»: In the video links below you will see a part of the course with the 3 options A, B and C within 20″ you have to make your decision. Before you start the video make sure your video window is in full screen: MEN Quarter final and WOMEN Semifinal

November 2018 Updated Competition Format Description and Integration in the IOF Rules 2019.
1 Januar 2019 Rules 2019 including KO-Sprint are published. With regard to WOC2020, no or only minor changes are acceptable.
19 January 2019 Approval of the Final Version of the Format Description document by the IOF Council
28 September 2019 Word Cup Round 3 in Switzerland: Knock-Out Sprint
23 May 2020 World Cup Round 1 in Switzerland: Knock-Out Sprint
6-11 July 2020 World Orienteering Championships including Knock-Out Sprint
August 2020 Evaluation of WOC KO-Sprint: proposal for IOF Rules improvements. For the next 2 years period.



If you have done tests or plan to do tests and have questions and remarks, please contact daniel.leibundgut@orienteering.sport  please see twitter with  #3rdsprint


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