Foot Orienteering Commission


FOC Remits 2019-2020


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Members Foot Orienteering Commission

Chairman Aron Less (HUN)

aronless (at)

Responsibilities: Chairman of the Commission, Liaison to FootO Athletes’ Commission & the Coaches Reference Group.

Helge Lang Pedersen (DEN)

helgelp (at)

Responsibilities: Junior World Orienteering Championships, Event Organisers’ Manuals (guidelines), Meeting minutes.

David May (GBR)

david (at)

Responsibilities: World Masters Orienteering Championships, World Ranking Events.

Unni Strand Karlsen (NOR)

tar-kar (at)

Responsibilities: Rules, Liaison to Rules Commission, Event advising, Education.

Blair Trewin (AUS)

b.trewin (at)

Responsibilities: Secretary (vice-chairman) of the Commission, World Cup, Senior, Junior & Youth Regional Champs (outside of Europe).

Maria Krafft Helgesson (SWE)

maria.krafft.helgesson (at)

Responsibilities: Attractivity to external partners, Strategic planning, FOC related parts of IOF webpage.

Janos Manarin (ITA)

janosport (at)

Responsibilities: World Orienteering Championships, Development of race formats.

Adam Chromý (CZE)

chra (at)

Responsibilities: European Youth Orienteering Championships, Mapping related issues, IT related issues.

Vladimir Gorin (RUS)

fsovo (at)

Responsibilities: Education (partial responsibility), assisting in EOC, JWOC, EYOC, WRE tasks.

Jaakko Lajunen (FIN)

Responsibilities: European Orienteering Championships, World Orienteering Championships (partial responsibility).

Ulrich Aeschlimann (SUI)

ulu (at)

Responsibilities: Liaison to Environment & Sustainability Commission, Regional & Youth Development.