Event Overview Tool – JWOC & WOC manual

It is an important objective of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) to support the organisers of High Level Events in obtaining high quality in organising the events. IOF supports the organisers in different ways. The guidelines, manuals and event advising system are among the most important. The IOF Event Overview Tool will from now on contain the WOC and JWOC manuals and serve as an event management tool for:

  • the event advising team (EA team)
  • the event organizers

The IOF Event Overview Tool outlines a standardised set of functional areas for IOF High Level Foot Orienteering events. Including:

  • The full WOC and JWOC manuals in one document as you know them
  • The chapters of the two manuals shown in a table along with additional material

As of February 2020 the updated-versions of the WOC as well as the JWOC manuals are available.

Manuals in single-document format:

WOC Manual (PDF) JWOC Manual (PDF)

Individual chapters of Manual (PDF)

Main Area # Functional Area WOC Manual JWOC Manual Additional Material
INTRODUCTION Intro Intro.pdf
ORGANIZING 1 Planning WOC-1 Chapter 1.pdf JWOC issues
2 Organisation WOC-2 Chapter 2.pdf
3 Finance WOC-3 Chapter 3.pdf
4 Communication WOC-4 Chapter 4.pdf WOC Material
5 Administration WOC-5 Chapter 5.pdf
LOGISTICS 11 Event Center WOC-11 Chapter 11.pdf
12 Accomodation WOC-12 Chapter 12.pdf
13 Transport WOC-13 Chapter 13.pdf
14 Quarantine & Start WOC-14 Chapter 14.pdf JWOC figures and pictures
15 Finish WOC-15 Chapter 15.pdf
16 Arena Design WOC-16 Chapter 16.pdf JWOC examples
TECHNICAL 21 Terrain WOC-21
Chapter 21.pdf
22 Maps WOC-22 Chapter 22.pdf
23 Courses WOC-23 Chapter 23.pdf Guidelines Forest
Guidelines Sprint
WOC Material
24 Training WOC-24 Chapter 24.pdf
25 Model Events WOC-25 Chapter 25.pdf
PRESENTATION 31 IT & Timing WOC-31 Chapter 31.pdf WOC LIVE and Stream requrements
32 Arena Production WOC-32 Chapter 32.pdf
33 TV WOC-33 Chapter 33.pdf
34 Marketing WOC-34 Chapter 34.pdf
35 Ceremony WOC-35
Chapter 35.pdf
Chapter 41.pdf
42 Social WOC-42
Chapter 42.pdf
43 VIP WOC-43
Chapter 43.pdf
44 Sponsors (and local support) WOC-44
Chapter 51.pdf
52 Complaints, Protests & Jury WOC-52 Chapter 52.pdf
53 Safety, Risk & Medical
Chapter 53.pdf
Chapter 61.pdf
62 Reports WOC-62 Chapter 62.pdf WOC Material
APPENDICES Appendix 1.pdf
Appendix 2.pdf

Feedback is welcome: Daniel Leibundgut (WOC) or Helge Lang Pedersen (JWOC)

Additional Material: 4 Communication (WOC)

Here we provide as a template file Bulletin 4 of WOC2018 in Microsoft Word Format. Most of the content can be reused, only event specific shall be changed. In this version the chapter for the relay was later updated and can be found here. Finally the section numbering is not according to the following table of content definition and needs to be updated too.


Additional Material: 23 Courses (WOC)

Excel-Table to define the reduced number of forkings due to the limited number of course variations when offset printing. Excel-File to track all controls for all the competitions. Template file for review of a competition (map and courses). No guidelines for all these support file available.

Additional Material: 31 IT  (WOC and WCup)

At WOC and World Cup events, all live service will be managed within the IOF LIVE Orienteering platform. For more info on the 2020 season and the management of LIVE Orienteering, see the presentation below.

To secure the Web-TV stream quality it important that the Organiser secure the internet connection and that the Stream Producer follows the Stream requirements. See the Stream Requirements document below.

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Additional Material: 62 Final Reports (WOC)

Example of organiser reports from previous events: WOC 2016  and  EOC 2018     

WOC Figures & Numbers:

Area Numbers Comments
VIP & Media race

Number of participants:

2018   40 Participants in
2017   66 Particpants (4 classes)
2012   96 Particpants

TV production Electrical power:
63A/3phase 5pin CEE for the OB van16A/3phase 5pin CEE socket for SNG uplinkInternet connectivity: in order to be able to stream out the signal, we need cabled internet connection: Ideally 30Mbps symmetric.Cable covers: maximal 100m to the plugs~ 4 volunteers: capable to carry (in pairs) a cable reel of 50kgOne ATV and or quad bike


Prevoius versions of the WOC Manual:

Edition from 2011 (PDF)