Organising WRE in FootO

Here you will find Guidelines and templates for organising a World Ranking Event in Foot Orienteering. Note that the general application procedures and rules can be found here.



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Map scale for Long Distance WRE races

 The default map scale is 1:15000 as confirmed by IOF Competition Rule 15.2. However, for WREs, the Event Adviser can approve a 1:10000 scale for a Long Distance World Ranking Event race instead, provided that the mapping of the terrain cannot be generalised to make the map readable at 1:15000.

1:15000 should be the map scale when:

  • the map is readable at 1:15000, and/or
  • the terrain allows for very long route choice legs to be created


Map printing quality assurance

There is a new process for quality assurance of map printing which is described in the WRE manual 2019 (Chapter 12).

Short process:

  1. the organiser follows ISOM 2017 Appendix 1 – CMYK printing and colour definitions
  2. the organiser conducts printer output testing and adjustments to printer and mapping software
    1. Print test sheet (available in OCAD 8) and compare to IOF Test Sheets.
    2. Print map and compare to IOF Test Sheets.
  3. the Event adviser approves the printing process and the map output with the tested setup
  4. After the Competition: one final map is sent to IOF Map Commission (Currently Christer Carlsson), address:
  5. If the after-competition evaluation find any substantial problem, the organiser, Federation and the appointed IOF Event Adviser and the IOF Office will get feedback.


The IOF Map Commission has created 2 test sheets for evaluating print quality. One has been printed using CMYK+B colour offset printing, the other using high quality colour laser printing. The IOF has provided all member federations with copies of the test sheets for free, and your national federation should be contacted to obtain copies of the 2 sheets (see contact details here).

With use of the test sheets it is possible to examine print quality using the following files:
Print Test Sheet in OCAD 11
Instructions for test print evaluation