New O-Map Wiki launched to help educate mappers, organizers and competitors 

O-Map Wiki is a brand-new platform, which aims to provide up-to-date and high-quality information on orienteering mapping. It extends information on the use of map symbols, map making methods, related terminology and resources.

The main objectives of the O-Map Wiki project are:

  • on a volunteer basis to create a platform with up-to-date and high-quality information about orienteering mapping
  • to provide broader information about map symbols in the current map specifications including photos of objects from the terrain and correct/incorrect examples of symbol use
  • to describe different work-flows of map creation to serve as a guide to new mappers
  • to educate about map generalization and legibility
  • to reference other relevant resources

The project is mainly volunteer-based. Anyone with relevant experience in mapping can contribute text to the glossary or add a photo of an object from the terrain for the corresponding map symbol. Populating the system with quality data will not only help mappers, but will also be beneficial for many organizers, event advisors and competitors. The O-Map Wiki does not replace map specifications, but by bringing a range of information into the web environment, the wiki extends the ability to retrieve and share information easily.

The O-Map Wiki project was initiated by the IOF Map Commission and the development of the system was financially supported from the IOF budget.

The O-Map Wiki pages can be found at, where there is also information for volunteers on how to contribute to the development of the platform.