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This page contains what an IOF Major event organiser needs to do concerning Final administration and wrap up of an event. The page is not relevant to World Ranking Events (WRE:s).  Note that there could be more specific guidelines for each IOF Major Event type. This page is a summary page.


All official results shall be uploaded to IOF Eventor as results. Results that cannot be uploaded as results, i.e. TrailO results, full result lists in World Cup Relays must be uploaded as PDF:s. If the uploaded results need correction, you must contact IOF Eventor support, [email protected], and make sure that the World Ranking points and World Cup points are updated accordingly. Read more about result management in the Administrative resources section.

Bulletins (and other archived IOF Eventor information)

IOF Eventor is a long-term electronic Archive and all information that is captured in the System will be maintained. The most important information is the
  • General Event Info
  • Event Officials
  • Results and Bulletins. Note! Make sure that the bulletins are uploaded as PDF files and not linked to another site.
  • Other information uploaded as event files


Remaining medals must be sent to IOF Office. It would be nice to also have 3 of the event medal neck ribbon as well for the IOF Records.

Engrave 'extra' medals

Medals that need engraving due to that the event had tied medal placing can be managed in two ways
  1. The organiser engrave the medals and hand over to the medalist during the event
  2. The organiser collects medal information, name and address to the medalist and send it to IOF Office.


The IOF Flag shall be sent to IOF Office. Sometimes, the flag can be passed to a coming organiser but always contact IOF Office before special arrangements.


WOC final reports

A WOC final report should  be submit and sent to IOF Office. The Organisers are free to decide the contents of this report. Below is examples of Final Reprots from previous WOC Organisers. [shareonedrive dir="663580750D0C0BCE!47719" account="663580750d0c0bce" mode="files" viewrole="administrator|editor|subscriber|guest" downloadrole="all"]

Organiser report

No more than 3 weeks after the event, the organiser shall submit a short report to the IOF Event Adviser and IOF Office. The Organisers are free to decide the contents of this report. It is not necessary to include information which can be taken from the Bulletins, from the start lists or from the result lists. If you would like to see report template please contact IOF Office. Possible points of interest for the Organisers’ report are:
  • New ideas or practices used: description and evaluation
  • Problems and difficulties encountered: description and evaluation
  • Organisational structure and staffing levels – before and at the Event
  • Areas where the workload was greater than anticipated
  • Technical matters – e.g. arena design, materials used, IT and tracking experience etc.
  • Comments about the process and timelines of map making
  • Comments about aspects of course planning, e.g. ‘butterflies’, forking in the Relay
  • Number, function and country of the media representatives
  • Experience with the media
  • Presentation of the event in the media (before, during, after)
  • Marketing efforts
  • Associated events (public races, Trail O Championships) and cooperation with the organisers of those events
  • Comments from competitors and officials
  • Sponsors and grant awards: contributions, feedback
  • Finances
  • Comments about the Rules, the Guidelines, the co-operation with the IOF and the IOF SEA
  • Suggestions and ideas for coming Organisers and future Events

Event Adviser report

No more than 4 weeks after the event, the IOF Event Adviser shall send a report to the IOF Office which will include the following points:
  • a short description of the work
  • an opinion about the event in all respects
  • problems, weak and strong points
  • complaints and protests and their decision
  • ideas and suggestions

IOF Timing and Punching System Report

To monitor the quality of timing and punching processes, the IT Commission wants to collect information and statistics about the systems in use in orienteering today. The aim is to detect any recurring problems, enhance guidelines and educational material and base future directions and decisions on facts. As we do not want to increase the reporting workload of the organiser, the form is quite short and to the point. We ask you to fill in the fields that are relevant for your competition, and if you had any particular difficulties, feel free to elaborate in detail in the comment part. Please read through the form before starting to fill in, because it’s not possible to change anything after submission. If you prefer to fill in the form manually, please use the word template: Punching report form.doc Should you have any questions regarding the form, please contact IOF IT Commission.


Maps shall be sent to IOF Office in two copies immediately after the event, one for Map Evaluation and one for the Archives.

World Championships and World Cup

Competition type Maps to be sent
Individual Competitions Men and Women A-finals
Relay Men and Women: Leg 1- Forking 1 OR Course Summary
Sprint Relay Leg 1 – Forking 1

Junior, Youth, Masters Championships and Regional Championships Maps

Please choose maps from two different courses each competition day and send two copies to IOF Office.  


Event Evaluation (External)