A gift idea – Memories of the Winners

During 2021, IOF is celebrating 60 years of its existence and, at the same time, it was 55 years ago when the first World Orienteering Championships was held.

One way to celebrate this was brought up by Jaroslav Kačmarčík to make a book with photos, maps, interviews and results for all World Orienteering Championships between 1966–2021. The book is in production and it is possible to show interest for ordering the book. A PDF file describing the offer can be found via this link. If you would like to show interest for ordering a copy of the book you can fill in the form found here.

Here you can find a preview featuring the various World Orienteering Championships held in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic WOC in CZE

With these stories the IOF would like to present a taste of a forthcoming book chronicling the history of all World Orienteering Championships from 1966–2021.