LIVE Orienteering FAQ

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Do I need to pay for live services on LIVE Orienteering?

Yes and no. Viewing live Web-TV from World Orienteering Championships and World Cup in Orienteering is avalable for a ticket fee. All other live services are normally free.

Do I need to create any account to follow live services?

You only need an account to be able to purchase and follow paid Web-TV broadcasts. For other live services you do not need any account.

Can use my old LIVE Orienteering account for Web-TV that I created during the 2018 season?

For the 2019 season we have changed the Web-TV platform and ‘paywall’. This means you need to create a new account to use for the 2019 season. You do only need to create one account that can be used for the whole season. We now use a service provider called InPlayer.

Can I log in no more than one device with my account?

The account is restricted to one unit at the same time. A unit can be a computer, telephone, tablet or smart TV.