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T-Kartor creates and maintains geographical information, maps and charts. T-Kartor develop solutions to deliver data, information and products in innovative ways.


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SIGN SPORT is a custom wear company specialized in clothes for Orienteering, Running, Cross-Country Skiing and Cycling. The products are designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in Europe by athletes and for athletes, providing maximum comfort during the activity. SIGN SPORT produces all the gear with individual design based on customers needs.

SIGN SPORT is designing and producing clothes for more than 500 orienteering clubs over the world.




Business Opportunities within the world of orienteering

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  • The world of orienteers
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The large number of orienteers worldwide, and especially in Europe and the Northern countries, combined with highly visible major events, make the IOF a great opportunity for partners to reach an interesting target group that are willing to take their own paths and think outside the box.

We can offer several opportunities for your company, both in strengthening your brand, brand equity and, not least, creating opportunities to strengthen your business and relationships with both new and existing customers.

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